Howgills Accommodation is self catering. But worry not!

We now work with catering partners who will come out to the Barn or Apartments to cook you up a treat. 

Thai dining

Ñoolek and Llana will come to our accommodation and cook a Thai meal for you. Fancy fish cakes & sweetcorn fritters to start, & then a red curry for main?  Fresh fruit salad for cooling down the palette!

Leftovers (yes the portions are massive) will be boxed up for tomorrow and the kitchen and dishes will be cleaned and put away as part of their fabulous service.


Dine Outside 

Outside catering offer’s – Bbq’s, buffets, hot served buffets, paella pan’s, hog roast’s, Pizza’s plus much more differing food, £6.50 - £25.00pp


The range is from casual and 'outdoorsy' Stews, Currys, and BBQ 

An example starter: Foamed salsify soup with a spicy sweetcorn cake & pumpernickel crumble  OR
Courgette cannelloni with semi-dried cherry tomatoes, ricotta & baby spinach. 



Fine Dining

Fine dining straight to your table, produced by experienced chefs using fresh locally sourced ingredients.

Howgills Barn

Castlehaw Farm

Sedbergh, Cumbria

LA10 5BA

Howgills Apartments

7 - 12 Bainbridge Court

Sedbergh, Cumbria

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Howgills House

Beamsmoor, Garsdale Road

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