Location - LA10, Sedbergh, Cumbria

Salary £30,000 per annum Holidays, Pension

Position: Housekeeping Manager 


Are you that highly experienced, self-motivated, energetic, and driven Housekeeping Manager we are seeking with a happy disposition unfazed by the dramas of life and work within the hospitality sector?

If so, your work skills gained over a number of years in various hospitality management situations are ready to be put to good use.

You have an opportunity here to parachute into the growing hospitality business in one of the most beautiful parts of the UK.

On landing, you are quickly able to find your feet and work with the existing Owners and Marketing team as our new Housekeeping Manager to build and grow a solid core of dependable team members to service our range of properties and provide quality customer care for our clients.

Your energy, drive, and ambitious qualities will provide our customers with memorable experiences in a variety of holiday accommodations and enthuse all around you to go the extra mile.

You will have extremely high standards for your team to learn from and maintain. You will have absolutely no qualms in rolling your sleeves up to demonstrate those standards in action where necessary.

Your previous experience as a Housekeeping Manager will assist in driving profitable growth through efficient use of existing and future resources in line with budgets that you construct and monitor.

A low mark or poor review from our guests with their experience whilst using our service will hurt you personally and prompt you to take immediate steps to correct or make amends for future improvements.

Exceeding expectations has been the bedrock philosophy of this small family-owned and managed business since 1994. It has developed through building 6 new Apartments into adding an 8 bedroom Barn and latterly a 12 bedroom Hotel/Guest House where the prime focus has been on satisfying demand for large groups coming together.

As Housekeeping Manager, you will see some school and University and outdoor pursuits groups make up a small amount of midweek business but largely the properties are booked well in advance by sociable families and friends of up to 35 in a property celebrating an event together mainly on weekends and holiday periods.

Collectively, we have 95 beds across 3 sites within a mile of Sedbergh Town centre and so all are readily serviced with a constructive plan.

A willingness to get to grips with the existing business bookings looming from June 21st and an ability to adapt with a ‘Can-do’ attitude will serve you well.

To bring your experience as a Housekeeping Manager to our group, we expect that you will relish the challenge of demonstrating your ability to manage the existing business in place but also be excited to work with our team in seeking growth opportunities in other markets.

The future looks bright and we have an opportunity for you to grow into a pivotal role in the company development. The setting for your new workplace in our most beautiful Yorkshire Dales National Park is such a blessing in the foothills of the Howgill Fells from which of course we named our company.

The owners will be ready to slide away into the background once you are suitably settled in alongside our Marketing and Admin team.


Your success will open up the opportunity to enjoy a more structured and participative financial involvement in the group business.

They look forward to seeing you succeed and bringing fresh energy to the front-line team.