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Walking in to Sedbergh from Howgills House


If you would like to walk in to town from Howgills House, please ensure that every member of your party is wearing a high visibility vest. There is no pavement or street lighting from Howgills House and walking country lanes can be dangerous both during the day and at night.

There is box in the entrance hall at Howgills House which includes 30 high visibility vests, head torches and laminated maps.


We have mapped a route for you to walk in to town which does it's best to avoid the main road and takes some quieter lanes. Laminated maps are available in this box.


There are enough head torches for every other guest too and there are spare batteries in this box. Please check your head torches work before you leave.


Please check the useful information from the Highway code to help you walk the country lanes safely. Please take a few minutes to familiarise yourself with these as although simple, they could make a difference to your safety.


Once you have finished using the high visibility vests and maps please leave them on the floor by the storage box so our lovely Clean Team then know to wash them for the next guests.


We hope you have a lovely, safe walk in to Sedbergh!







From the Howgills Team




Please note that the equipment and maps provided by Howgills Accommodation are used at your own discretion/risk and Howgills Accommodation can accept no liability for any accidents that may occur.